About Our Company

First Capital Holding Co. is a full-service escrow and title company serving real estate and lending professionals. We provide real estate and lending professionals with client-centered title and escrow services that addresses everything from the most basic home mortgage closing, to the most complex and challenging real estate settlements. We manage over $1 billion dollars in property assets; work with over 250 resorts and leisure real estate developments, providing services to over 800,000 customers worldwide.

Our ingenious approach combined with years of experience in business administration enables us to deliver solutions that are manageable and cost effective. With a 'hands on culture', our senior management is involved in all phases to ensure your goals are achieved.

We provide the correct guidance to choose the right legal structure for your shared ownership development. Whether you have a simple fixed week vacation club membership at a resort, an eighth share fractional, a non-equity private residence club or a deeded fractional property. We can create a program, made exclusively for your long term success.

Our professional, experienced and knowledgeable staff, provides the highest level of service and is committed to closing transactions quickly and efficiently. We are highly proficient in all facets of the closing process - including title insurance, title searches, closing and settlement services.

First Capital Holding Co. is built on the principle that each customer deserves our most undivided attention. We recognize that your goals for the end of the day, week, month, quarter and year are the same as ours - to get every deal closed and funded. We treat every customer and client as a personalized business partner during every transaction.

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    We will let you know everything that can and cannot be done.

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    Our staff is at the vanguard of todays ever changing laws and regulations.

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    Every step of the way, be assured our team is on every step of your transaction.

Our Services

Capital Markets

We offer a variety of services for secondary mortgage market transactions including in-depth mortgage loan due diligence, surveillance of securitizations and whole loan pools, and servicer evaluation, modification program outsourcing, and consulting. First Capital Holding Co. has proprietary technology, infrastructure, and processes designed to meet requirements for public and private-sector clients, with the capacity to deliver high-quality results on time sensitive projects.

Escrow and Settlement

At First Capital Holding Co., we are the most experienced and dedicated escrow and settlement services professionals in the business. With well over a century of experience, including residential, commercial, international, relocation and vacation ownership transactions, we serve as an unbiased third party to execute the instructions of all parties involved, making sure your transactions get to closing day as quickly and efficiently as possible in the most efficient and professional way possible. We strive our work for all of our customers.

Title and Settlement

Times are hard. You’re battling to keep your business moving in a real estate market that’s tougher than ever. But whether the market is good or bad, it doesn’t change the fact that you still need to be successful. Now is the time when you have to carefully consider each decision – how you run your business, what tools can provide you with a competitive advantage, and especially, who you work with. So we understand that when we pitch our products, services and expertise to you, you’re going to ask one simple question. Why First Capital Holding Co.?

A Company You Can Count On

  • We are always available for questions, ensuring both the buyer and the seller to be informed and at ease throughout the process.

  • We are looking forward to assist you with any transactions you would like closed smoothly and efficiently, with a high level of professionalism and customer care